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Spherical Panoramas allow the viewer to look in any direction, as if one were standing in the center of a sphere.
The Spherical Panorama does away with the photographer's single framed point of view.
You are free to explore every angle and to inspect any detail of the image by zooming in and around the total sphere.
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Church of St Nicholas - Bramber Castle

Church of St Nicholas - Bramber Castle The inside of the church which is still in regular use.

Bramber Castle Ruins

Bramber Castle Ruins A few of the remaining ruins show a section of rooms looking out to the East.

Bramber Castle Entrance

Bramber Castle Entrance The main entrance to what remains of the castle, this section gives a feel for its height and the site extends over 200m (230yards) North and is 89m (96 Yards) wide.

Bramber Castle Ruins looking East

Bramber Castle Ruins looking East From within the ruins looking out East across the Sussex Weald.

Bramber Castle Church

Bramber Castle Church The parish church was built by William de Broase in 1073 as part of his castle residencies and defences. Today it is the only part of Bramber Castle still standing and in regular use.
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