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Spherical Panoramas allow the viewer to look in any direction, as if one were standing in the center of a sphere.
The Spherical Panorama does away with the photographer's single framed point of view.
You are free to explore every angle and to inspect any detail of the image by zooming in and around the total sphere.
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The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon The result of quarrying and then opening the quarry to the sea.

Rhigos Mountain Road

Rhigos Mountain Road A view down thru the valley to the SW

Portclais Harbour Wall

Portclais Harbour Wall This harbour looks out to St. Brides Bay


Portclais A small rocky inlet South of St. Davids run by the National Trust.

Abereiddy Beach

Abereiddy Beach A nice bay just below the Blue Lagoon

Portclais river

Portclais river The river Alun feeds the harbour.

Parrog Beach

Parrog Beach Came across this rather nice beach by chance one afternoon.

River Teifi at Cenarth

River Teifi at Cenarth Cenarth is a charming little community straddling the river Teifi, the National Coracle Centre is just upstream.

Cenarth Bridge

Cenarth Bridge Cenarth is a charming little community straddling the river Teifi, just upstream is the National Coracle centre.


Aberporth From on top of the local surf school roof ( and the beach Loos!)

Caernarfon Bay Anglesy

Caernarfon Bay Anglesy Another picturesque beach on the coast of Anglesy.

The river Afron Ffraw

The river Afron Ffraw The village Aberffraw behind the river Afon Ffraw and its bridge.

Aberffraw Anglesy

Aberffraw Anglesy Whilst touring around Anglesy we came across this rather nice bridge over the river Afron Ffraw

Llyn Gwynant

Llyn Gwynant Further up the road to Capel Curig is this location giving a wider view of the entire valley.

Llyn Gwnant

Llyn Gwnant The lake is visible from Capel Curig road down to Beddgelert

Cemaes Harbour Anglesy

Cemaes Harbour Anglesy We never had time to explore the town, but we did admire the view whilst having a cup of tea.

Slate Mill South side, Ynys-y-Pandy

Slate Mill South side, Ynys-y-Pandy The slate mill from the South.

Slate Mill E, Ynys-y-Pandy

Slate Mill E, Ynys-y-Pandy From the East side ..

Slate Mill North, Ynys-y-Pandy

Slate Mill North, Ynys-y-Pandy The Slate mill from the North showing the outlet of the stream used to power the mill.

Slate Mill - Ynys-y-Pandy

Slate Mill - Ynys-y-Pandy This slate mill was constructed 1856 but only lasted 1871 when it went out of business due to poor quality slate.

Nefyn across to Angelsy

Nefyn across to Angelsy Just outside the community are a couple of Car Parks with steps down to the beach (Steep!) and great views across the bay.

LLyn Cwmystradllyn

LLyn Cwmystradllyn Close to the waters edge the fishing boats seem to have seen better days but look sound.

Llyn Cwmystradllyn

Llyn Cwmystradllyn This lake is a fishing site and also feeds water to the Porthmadog area.

Daffy 2 walk

Daffy 2 walk A walk out from the Bryn Gloch campsite leads over the river.

Daffy 2 Bongo meet

Daffy 2 Bongo meet The April 2011 Bongo meet at the Bryn Gloch campsite

Aberdaron - Lleyn Penisula

Aberdaron - Lleyn Penisula The beach and promenade with the ferry poijt to the islands.

Aberystwyth Harbour Arms

Aberystwyth Harbour Arms From the North harbour arm, both the outer arms can be seen. Out to sea the small dots are body surfers!

Aberystwyth New Promenade

Aberystwyth New Promenade From the beach opposite Quay Rd., the New Promenade with the castle and ruins in the distance.

Aberystwyth Harbour New Promenade

Aberystwyth Harbour New Promenade Half way along the New Promenade is this monument to the RNLI, the Lifeboat Station is a little further along.

Aberystwyth Harbour Inner harbour arm

Aberystwyth Harbour Inner harbour arm Down beyond the marina, is the tidal inner harbour and the bridge in the town center.

Aberystwyth Harbour 1

Aberystwyth Harbour 1 This arm of the harbour houses the fishing boats, in the distance is the marina.
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